GridION Mk1


GridION Mk1 is a flexible benchtop sequencing and analysis device designed to run and analyse up to five individually addressable MinION or Flongle Flow Cells. It is ideal for labs with multiple projects that need the advantages of nanopore sequencing: simple library preparation, real-time analysis and new biological insights from long reads. The GridION Mk1 also allows users to offer nanopore sequencing as a service.

The GridION Mk1 allows up to five experiments to be run concurrently or individually; users may choose to use as much or as little of this resource as they need at any one time. This enables high flexibility: users may choose to run one or several flow cells, starting and stopping runs as needed; alternatively, all five flow cell positions can be dedicated to a single experiment, allowing rapid generation of large datasets. The current chemistry and software release enables generation of up to 150 Gb of data during a GridION Mk1 run and the newly upgraded compute module provides sufficient resource for basecalling in real time as well as on-board downstream analysis pipelines. Using the same core technology as the MinION and PromethION, the GridION Mk1 offers real-time, long-read, high-fidelity DNA and RNA sequencing.