By using powerful compute clusters and large storage systems, we offer you an outstanding infrastructure, which also allows the assembly of large eukaryotic genomes. We are happy to assist you in choosing the suitable assembler program for your project. By preprocessing the sequence data (clipping, quality trimming) and choosing the optimal parameters for the assembly, you will receive the best possible assembly results from us. Optionally, we also offer the scaffolding of the resulting contigs (depending on assembler program and data composition).

You provide us with your sequence data in the SFF, FastQ, Fast5 or Fasta format and information about the sequencing libraries (e.g. paired end / mate pair, insert sizes). You will receive the generated contigs and scaffold sequences (depending on the assembler). If need, you will recieve files for the further processing of the assembly with programs like Consed / AMOS (depending on the assembler) or Bandage.

Individual solutions, for the de novo assembly of transcriptome and metagenome data or the filtering of countermination, are available on request.